Greenside Terrace is a complete spin on the typical approach to condominium living and will make you rethink your definition of the word condo. As a "bareland condo" community, Greenside Terrace provides the convenience and worry-free lifestyle that comes with a condo, but adds the unique benefit of building your own luxury home on one of the most beautiful lots in the city.


Who would enjoy living in Greenside Terrace?

Greenside Terrace appeals to executives and families aspiring to live life without compromise; those who travel frequently, enjoy golf and other outdoor activities; families with active children who enjoy nature and spending time outdoors.


 How does a bareland condo community work?

In Greenside Terrace, you build and own your home and title to the unit (lot), which gives you a voting interest in the Greenside Terrace condominium corporation. Greenside Terrace is a professionally managed condominium community where all of the common areas (roads, sidewalks, green spaces) are managed on your behalf, as well as front lawn irrigation/mowing and driveway clearing for each unit.


What does the Condominium Corporation do?

As a resident of Greenside Terrace you are automatically a member of the Greenside Condominium Corporation. Membership in the Condominium Corporation gives you a direct say in the aesthetics of the neighbourhood, the manner in which your yard and the common areas are maintained, and you are assured that any activities which might affect your property value or lifestyle are carefully managed.


What are the condo fees and what do they cover?

Greenside Terrace condo fees are approximately $155/month. This reasonable fee covers the maintenance of common areas and amenities. This includes:

  1. Front yard mowing/trimming/fertilizing/weeding
  2. Programming of sprinkler system and "blowing out" of irrigation system each Fall.
  3. Snow clearing of sidewalk, driveways and roads.
  4. Maintenance of the common area park.
  5. Contribution to reserve fund.


Who manages the maintenance of the community?

A reputable real-estate management company in Regina is responsible for carrying out the maintenance within Greenside Terrace. Evaluations and consultations between the management company and the Condo Corp are held throughout the year allowing residents to provide feedback on service.